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Apollo Print Media began its business in 1988 as an office of technical supplies and equipment, it is engaged in providing print houses with color separations, editing and offset printing zincate plates, a matter that made Apollo one of the leading companies in this field in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company continued its efforts to develop, promote, upgrade and innovate in this line of business, in order to maintain its leading position in the market. Such efforts lead to expansion of clientele scope, as the Company provided numerous offset printing houses with printing plates consistent with production processes, which had significant impact on this vital industry.

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Produced more than 50 Arabic fonts for Macintosh System which led to better developed design esthetics not only locally, but also in all Arab countries.


Used Electronic Color separation, which was a first time used system at that time declaring the end an era of color separation using mechanical cameras and the new era of Electronic color separation.


Created a new type of proofs, color sequence proof. It was considered a revolutionary step in the world of proofs field, which gave company the precedence and the edge in color proofs production.


Using Hexachrome for the first time in Egypt, was considered a revolutionary step in the world in color printing production industry.

obtained quality assurance ISO 9001 certification

As the first Color Separation center in Egypt, leading to more trusting customers.

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Apollo is the first partner in the global printing trip to Egypt.

Constant innovation and development to compete and exceed customer expectations

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